Thursday, October 6, 2011

Don’t Miss E. Clayton West at Tin Angel: Saturday, October 29 at 7:00 PM

This one goes out to the fans of Clayton West (watch for his new website at who will be headlining at Tin Angel Acoustic Cafe, on Saturday, October 29 at 7:00 PM.

Each of us who know and love the music of Clayton West share two common passions: (1) We are all dedicated believers in the rare and unique talent that Clayton possesses as a songwriter and performer, and (2) We all desire to see him achieve the recognition and success that he so greatly deserves.

He makes us laugh, he makes us cry and, most importantly, he makes us FEEL. Every song performed is a renaissance of the emotion that goes into crafting a melodic sculpture. Happy or sad, poised or outrageous, fact or fiction, Clayton West is a consummate perfectionist who flawlessly delivers with truth and honesty.

The personal history between myself and Clayton West, Philadelphia’s home-grown musical jewel, goes back nearly 40 years to when we spent our days at Beefsteak Charlie’s and Steak & Ale. We have come a long way from teenagers merely contemplating our places in society to experiencing silenced crowds mesmerized by Clayton’s renditions of “All Because of You,” “Destiny” and “Starry Eyes.”

I remember Clayton’s early performances with an out-of-tune backline piano and collection of harmonicas when he surprised newcomers who didn’t expect a combination of gentle music with wild theatrics. His first impression presented a crazy-eyed, long-haired rocker, but he owned the stage with the presence of a passionate, talented musician.
About 35 years later, Clayton West still has unfinished business as a performer. I feel fortunate to be in position as President of Slate Entertainment Group to present Clayton West on stage for new audiences as well as fans who have come out to see him over the years. The voice, melodies, lyrics and antics of this entertainment giant are sweeter, fuller, more relevant and more entertaining than ever!

Come out and support Clayton! Bring your friends and loved ones and help us fill the small intimate room of Tin Angel with love. The evening will be memorialized in hi-definition video and digitally recorded for incorporation into Clayton's forthcoming studio CD for later distribution. 

Tin Angel has a warm ambiance and a unique, magical setting that welcomes countless rising stars, national touring acts and legendary performers. On Saturday, October 29, the stage belongs to E. Clayton West!
Joining Clayton on October 29 will be rising country star Mary Selvidge in a rare solo appearance. Don’t miss out on your chance to see this multi-award winner up close in Tin Angel’s intimate setting!

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